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Why Rabbit Care?

Rabbit Care is Thailand's number one brokerage in insurance and financial services. Now present in the Philippines.

We always provide the best products, the biggest promotions to our customers.

Easily compare products to make the right decision with our tools.

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Who are we?

Rabbit Care Company Limited is an advertising service provider.

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Rabbit Care makes my life a lot easier. Highly recommended for those who don't have much time like me.


Laoag City

Easy loan approval, reasonable interest, and fast payment



A great experience! Make personal loan easier to apply


Our most frequently asked questions

What is Rabbit Care?

Rabbit Care Company Limited is an advertising service provider.

Why Rabbit Care?

  • Trust: Rabbit Care Broker Company Limited operated under a Life insurance broker license no. Chor00011/2559, Non-Life insurance broker license no. Wor00021/2557
  • One stop services: Rabbit Care Broker Company Limited is Thailand’s leading marketplace for insurance (life & non-life insurance broker) and financial products (loan & credit card advisory)

Is Rabbit Care reaches the top of insurance industry innovation?

We are certainly at the top of insurance innovation because we have Care OS. This system calculates consumer demand in order to offer the best products to customers. Customers can compare prices and coverage quickly, simply and conveniently.